Blanca Viera Real Estate Processor/ Legal Assistant
Blanca Viera (“Blanquita”)

Blanca Viera was born and raised in Bejucal, a small town in Havana, Cuba, and she has been residing in Miami, Florida, since 1987.  She has worked for the The Law Ofiice or Pelayo Duran since 2009. Over the last 27 years Mrs. Viera has received numerous Certifications from Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund in the area of real estate. She obtained her Accounting Operation Certificate from the Miami-Dade Community College in 1999 and a Bachelor of Art in Law from Lydon State University in 2014. Ms Viera is also a Mortgage Loan Origination License.

Mrs. Viera has over 28 years of real estate legal experience including residential and commercial closings and refinances, short sales, loan modification, broker price opinions and recording. Since 2009 she has been responsible for managing and processing all real estate closings for Pelayo Duran. She has worked on 1000’s of real estate transaction over the last 28 years and she is responsible for all stages of a real estate transaction from the drafting and preparation of the sales and purchase contract to the delivery of the Title Policy.

Mrs. Viera is fluent in Spanish and English.

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