When buying or selling real estate, you need a lawyer who can help you understand the legal aspects of the transaction. When you engage the Law Office of Pelayo Duran to oversee your real estate transaction, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed with complicated legal terminology. We will be able explain all aspects of your transaction clearly and concisely so that you have a clear understanding and awareness of all of your options.

Our legal staff is committed to ensuring the best interests of our clients.

Every real estate buyer and seller has different goals and different approaches to the achievement of those goals. At the Law Office of Pelayo Duran we take the time to understand the unique situation that every real estate transaction present. We work hard to address the individual concerns of each client when drafting any purchase or sale agreement, lease contract, or other real estate document.

We pride ourselves on representing a diverse range of real estate clients, from land developers to wholesale purchasers of single-family homes. Our Real Estate legal staff is ready to assist you in any type of property transaction including:

  • Commercial and Residential closings
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosures and Distressed Properties
  • Foreclosure Re-sales
  • Contracts for Purchase or sale
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Disputes between Landlords and Tenants, including evictions
  • Lease Drafting
  • All Mortgage transactions
  • Title insurance and
  • Title Searches

If you have a question regarding any real estate matter, contact the real estate team at the Law Office of Pelayo Duran for a legal consultation.

Pelayo Duran is committed to ensuring that cost-efficient legal services are available to his clients. We offer more than legal advice; we offer solutions and advice for peace of mind

Mortgage Refinance

Pelayo Duran has the experience you need to manage your Home Mortgage Refinance.

You may have noticed that current home mortgage refinance rates are amongst the lowest experienced in recent decades. Refinancing a home mortgage loan may be an effective way to avoid high interest rates or adjustable rate loans, but borrowers must also be careful to protect themselves from fraud by disreputable Florida home loan mortgage companies.

When you place your home mortgage refinance closing with the Law Office of Pelayo Duran, you know your attorneys are working for your best interests, and you will likely not be the victim of mortgage fraud. The Law Office of Pelayo Duran offers affordable, local refinance services and can provide access to an experienced full-service Real Estate Closing agent.

It is important to choose your own closing agent, even for a refinance, otherwise a lender may refer borrowers to the title companies of its choice. Often these are owned in part by the lender and non- lawyers, which can create legal conflict.

The Law Office of Pelayo Duran provides independent and reliable real estate law assistance, ensuring that your transaction will be handled with your best interests a priority.

This means that as a client you can be comfortable at closing, knowing exactly what costs are included in your home mortgage refinance and why you are being charged those fees.

Pelayo Duran is a Florida licensed Real Estate Attorney and a Licensed Real Estate Broker with significant local experience in mortgage refinancing.

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